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Chris and Keri

Chris and Keri are husband and wife out of Memphis, TN, and the masterminds behind the make of the Iron Pie. Contrary to popular belief, they did NOT invent the actual make of the pie irons, but the craft of a perfectly golden-browned Iron Pie and flavor blast in between is their masterpiece. In a mission to build something together, they started this small business in 2018 out of a pop-up tent in Virginia Beach, VA during Chris' tour in the Navy. Chris' overly aggressive "Engage everyone" customer approach and Keri's counter act of genuine Southern Hospitality drew a hungry crowd in Farmer's Markets and breweries around the area, and the "Home of the Iron Pie" became an instant success. Chris has since left the Navy and the two of them have continued their pursuit to build their brand together.

Chris and Keri: About Us
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